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7 Fun Ways- this website talks about 7 different ways that teachers can use QR codes in school. My favorite is #2 as it gets the students moving but still has educational purposes.

10 Ways- another article that talks about the different ways that teachers can use QR codes in the classroom. Some of the ideas mentioned have some overlap with the 7 ways listed above, but there are new ideas as well.

QR Wiki- this wiki is dedicated solely to using QR codes in the classroom. It has new ideas on how students can be better prepared and enjoy class more fully when they have the option of using QR codes.

I like using these as they are easy to understand and use. As it stands right now, not all students would be able to use a scanner so not all students would be able to fully enjoy them. That being said, by the time I enter the classroom, I believe that smartphones, tablets, etc. will be more commonplace than they are now. Depending on your location as a teacher these could be very effective tools or signs that your students lack the monetary resources you may possess. It is a very effective way for students to get up and moving as this could be used throughout a school day to get your students extra credit or remind them of certain due dates. I would definitely consider using QR codes in my classroom as I find them to be a fun and useful teaching tool.
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